How to operate a ticket validator?

A ticket in a ticket validator in a vehicle can be purchased using a contactless payment card.

With a payment card you can buy short-term and single tickets.

How to buy a ticket?

  1. Select a ticket which you want to buy on the touch screen of the ticket validator, or press "BUY MORE TICKETS", choose tickets by pressing the "+" button next to it, and press "BUY AND PAY".
  2. After selecting the ticket (or tickets) tap the card reader with your payment card, located directly under the touch screen of the ticket validator.
  3. After purchasing the ticket (or tickets), the validator displays information about the acceptance of payment.

WARNING! The ticket validator sells tickets only in electronic form. The ticket validator does not print tickets or confirm transactions on paper.


Instructions - description of the validating elements


Other validator functions:

- checking the validity of long-term tickets on your Bydgoska Karta Miejska card