The presentation of a contactless payment card to a ticket inspector, which had previously been used for the purchase of a ticket in the ticket validator, is completely safe. The controller does not have access to payment card data. The payment card is only the transaction identifier. The ticket is saved in the central system. The card data is automatically encrypted when the card is tapped over a ticket validator and in a secure form (token) is stored in the central system. The inspector receives from the central system only information regarding the ticket assigned to the payment card.

Ticket validators sell single and short-term tickets only in electronic form without a printout. The ticket is assigned to a bank contactless payment card, which was purchased in ticket validator.

To buy a ticket in the ticket validator, select the ticket you want to buy, then press the "Buy and Pay" button and tap the contactless payment card to the bank reader (without entering a PIN).

Additionally, ticket validators enable:

  • checking the validity of a long-term ticket assigned in the central system to the Bydgoszcz City Card,
  • encoding Bydgoszcz City Card tickets purchased on the website

Information on the validity date of a purchased ticket assigned to the Bydgoszcz City Card can be found on the confirmation of the purchase of a ticket issued by sellers or printed in stationary ticket machines. The validity of the ticket can also be checked on OPS validators, by ticket controllers, stationary ticket machines, the seller at the ticket sales point or by logging in to the website

The first time you use such a card in the system, the ticket terminal will authorize it. However, if the system is not able to charge the account due to lack of funds or too low limits, the card will be included in the list of cards blocked in the OPS system. Each subsequent attempt to use the card in the OPS system on the blocked list will result in a refusal and no authorization. When the payment card is tapped on the Validator, the relevant information will be displayed on the screen.

In this case, the passenger should:

  1. As soon as possible, top bank account funds associated with the contactless payment card. The ticketing system automatically re-inquires the bank of the payment card issuer about the availability of funds respectively after 7, 14 and 21 days from transaction date, for which the refusal occurred due to lack of funds. At the time of effective collection of outstanding funds, the ticket system will automatically remove the payment card from the list of restricted cards and the passenger will be able to perform subsequent transactions.
  2. Alternatively, the passenger may go to one of 2 Customer Service Centers, verify the current state of arrears in the ticket system for unsettled transactions and pay for transactions. Customer service, after settling the arrears by the customer, will manually unlock the card in the ticket system and the passenger will be able to carry out further transactions.